What we offer in premium quality


Roya Vake is a multifunctional residential complex that uses environmentally safe and energy-efficient materials. The project includes premium standards infrastructure: underground and above-ground parking, well-equipped lobbies, greenery squares, playgrounds and a protected area for the peaceful and safe living of residents.

We offer an ideal synthesis of the highest quality, safety, and durability together with our partner companies:

  • Constructed with energy-efficient materials that maintain temperature and reduces utility costs by 35-45%.
  • Facade - High-quality composite panel from Italian MAZZONETTO
  • Exterior walls - Thermal insulated pumice block with XPS and Thermo Les.
  • Internal partitions - Individual planning according to the user's wishes, with a wet tool.
  • Door and Window - German aluminum Hueck aluminum double and low emission Saint Gobain glass (French).
  • Soundproof and secure 2mm metal door
  • Plumbing - VALSIR Pipes
  • Ceiling height - 3.30m
  • Stretched flooring - ready for parquet flooring.
  • Balconies - metal and glassware.
  • Balcony floor - frosted high-quality ceramic granite tiles.
  • Elevator - American brand OTIS

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