Landmark Jiqia’s unique architecture combines A Class Business Center and Residential Complex with 206 sq.m. Modern lobby with concierge service and business lounge, green verandas and conference room. The building also has a cafe, supermarket, 2 levels underground parking. The project is customized to the needs of modern people and provides maximum comfort to future residents. Bina saburtaloze


Internal installment SIMPLIFIED LOAN An initial installment of 30% of the price and take advantage of the company's phased payment system, as well as receive an interest-free loan from the company until the completion of construction. Clients can use the services of our partner banks and receive a simplified mortgage loan in one day without income verification.

12 storey residential House and business center located in the central part of Tbilisi, N2 Politkovskaia street, Saburtalo. Nearby is Metro University, Shoping Centers, Universities and schools.

LandMark Jiqia comprises of premium materials, both internally and externally, it leaves the owner with a feeling of comfort, luxury, and satisfaction. The building consists of a wide range of materials and applications to maximize the overall sustainability, thermal insulation, and energy efficiency.
Each apartment is delivered to the customer in accordance with the ‘White Frame'. 
We deliver our project on-time and in accordance with the specifications as promised to our customers. Our objective is to be Georgia's most trusted real estate developer.
Facade - High-quality Composite Panel of FunderMax (Austrian production)
LandMark Jiqia has 3 high-speed elevators of KONE, to ensure smooth transportation between the levels. One of them will be a freight elevator. furthermore, Elevators will be provided with electricity all the time.
Balcony – covered with reinforced glass and metal railing 
Windows and Doors- HUECK (German) double glazed Aluminium doors and windows with low emission Saint Gobein (French) Glass. Sliding doors provide comfort and save space in the apartment.