"Demax Gagarin" - has European standards, energy-efficient building materials. built  with residential blocks, which meets all the standards of quality and at the same time perfectly blended in the architectural style.

"Demax Gagarin" is located in the central district, Gagarin str, IV, 2/19. The right to the beach, which is easier to get to every district of this location avoids rush-hour traffic movement, also joins the Marshall Avenue, Pekini, and Kandelaki streets. Case is distinguished by its location and movements of intense commercial and office terms.
"Demax Gagarin" services include:
● elevator service.
● porch lights.
● protected entrance and parking

Gagarin str, IV, 2/19

"Demax Gagarin's" architectural style not only for the comfort of residents, but also ideally combined with the look of the neighborhood and the more charming for it.

● Otis-'s evrostadartuli elevator UPS system.
● Rehau- German firm's doors and windows.
● 25 slice of natural clay bricks (EE)