Total Area: - 169.7


Kitchen - 14.02

Living Room - 43.04

Bedroom 1- 20.97

Bedroom 2- 19.98

Bedroom 3 - 19.7

Bathroom - 7.08

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"Demax Digomi" is multifunctional residential complex on 2000 m, furnished with natural recreational spaces, children's entertainment zone, two-level underground garage and outside parking.


"Demax Digomi" is located at Didi Digomi in George Street and Splendid Parnavazi Street intersection. At right there is river beach, which facilitates the movement of population in the city Any direction, building located 100 meters from the Goodwill, which is a threat to the comfort of residents.


"Demax Digomi" is a 16-storey residential complex, which has a large court yard, where is children's entertainment zone, the building is being built with red, bricks is made in English, which produces the brand "Stoneart"


● elevator service.
● porch lights.
● protected garage and the main entrance.

● 2 European high quality elevator.
● Rehau- firm of German 5-chamber windows.
● 25 slice of natural clay bricks.


Didi Digomi in George Street and Splendid Parnavazi Street intersection