"Demax Bagebi" - creates the comfort of environmentally friendly location, distinctive and modern architecture, the beautiful views and a two-level underground garage. Building’s main detail of the slice of the 25 natural clay bricks, makes energy efficient apartments, which halved the costs of utilities.

Residential area - 3305 sq.m.
Summer area - 926 kV / m.
Commercial - 464 sq.m.
Underground garage - 963 kV / m.

"Demax Bagebi" is nearby with Vake Park and Turtle Lake. Our team takes care of the health of users and allows you to live in the ecologically clean area of ​​the city, breathe Tskhneti’s air, and enjoy the beautiful views.


 Services include:
● elevator service.
● porch lights.
● protected garage and the main entrance.

● Otis-'s panoramic elevator with UPS system.
● Rehau - firm of German 5-chamber windows.
● 25 slice of natural clay bricks.

Completion date: December 2016.

მოქმედებს ერთიანი გადახდა

nearby with Vake Park and Turtle Lake

"Demax Bagebi"’s architecture has terraced visual, brick facade texture, two-level underground garage, entrance and a panoramic lift station ideally combined with the look and maximum comfort for the residents.